Here is a list of frequently asked questions by the users. Hope they will answer all your questions. If you can't find what you are looking for then please contact us, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you!


1. How does it work?
Ans: Its preety simple. You have to register a free account. Earn points by completing survey/offers. After you reach minimum 1000 points you request which ever game you want, then we buy the game and send it to you as gift.

2. Whats our profit by Giving you free games?
Ans: We make money from our advertisers.

3. Why you need my Steam Password?
Ans: We will NEVER ask for your steam password no matter what. We encourage you NOT to use your steam password while registering in Steampoints.com.

4. How much Points are worth?
Ans: 1000Points = 10$, 2000Points = 20$, 3000Points = 30$, 4000Points = 40$, 5000Points = 50$, 6000Points = 60$ …..so on

5. How to earn Points by inviting your friends?
Ans: Simply copy your referral link and send that link to your friends. Tell them to sign up using that link. That’s pretty much you will have to do. Just wait until your friend take survey and earn points. When they earn points you will get 10% bonus from their earnings. To learn more about how to earn bonus points by promoting your referral link read our guide of "Earn Bonus Points".

6. How are we going to send you the game?
Ans: Steam has a system that allows to buy any game as gift. So, when you earn much points, you can order any game you want. We will buy that game and send you as a gift. It will go to your email address. All the instructions will be in that email.

7. After completing an offer why I am not credited with points?
Ans: If you have completed an offer per the requirements, you should be given credit within minutes unless otherwise stated. Crediting usually occurs within 24 hrs, however sometimes it can be delayed for up to 3-5 days. You can try completing the offer again once you have read this section and have waited 24 hours. If you did not receive credit, it could be due to the following reasons:
* You are not from the geographical location listed under the requirements.
* You have already completed this offer via another site.
* You did not use a legitimate email provider such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo.
* You entered bogus/fake information.
* Your email or personal information is already in the advertiser’s system.
* You did not let the sponsor site load completely.
* You do not meet the eligibility for the offer including but not limited to age, location, gender.
* You did not complete the offer fully according to our advertiser’s requirements.
* Your browser does not accept cookies.
* You are using a proxy or external web service to use our site which effectively blocks cookies.
* You are using a prepaid credit card or a prepaid cell phone to complete offers.
* You are using ad blocker programs which effectively blocks cookies.
* You are completing offers through a game console.
* Your browser already has cookies cached from the advertiser website.
* You have Virus/Firewall/Anti Spyware software preventing cookies from being placed correctly.

8. How can I increase my chance of getting credited?
Ans: You can increase your chance of getting credited for offers by:
* Make sure to complete each offer with real information.
* Use another browser to see if you are more likely to be credited.
* Make sure to let each page of the offer load fully before proceeding.
* Try the offer again in 24 hours.
* Use a brand new email for completing offers. The email must still be yours however it does not have to be the email you registered with.
* Try clearing your cookies before completing offers. You can do this through your browser options or with a program such as CCleaner.
* Temporarily disable any anti-spyware/anti-virus/firewall programs that may be blocking cookies.
* Temporarily disable any ad blocking programs that may be blocking cookies.
* Make sure your browser accepts cookies. Read Accepting Cookies.
* Make sure that once you have clicked through to an offer, complete the requirements fully before clicking to another site or closing the browser window.
If you’ve corrected the issue that resulted in non-credit, you can go ahead and complete the offer again.

9. Why I can't see any surveys/offers?
Ans: If you are not seeing any offers/surveys in our website that means our advertisers are not currently offering surveys/offer in your country. Once the offers are available for your country we will be posting those surveys. But no worries. We still got you covered! You can earn points by referring your friends. Use your referral link to invite your friends and others. When they sign up for Steampoints.com using your referral link, you will earn 10 percent bonus points of what your friend earns.

10. How can I earn points if I can't see any surveys/offers?
Ans: You can alternatively earn points by referring others to this website. It is very easy to refer someone. You can earn virtually unlimited points just from little effort. Here is how you refer someone:

1. Login to your account.
2. Copy your referral link [?]
3. Give the links to your friends or anyone who could be interested to get Free Steam Games.

Here is a full guide of how to referring others to this website and how to earn points.

11. How can I delete my account?
Ans: You can delete your account any time in our site. Just contact us with your "username" and "email" you used here when you registered, put the subject of “Account Deletion” and mention the reason why you are leaving. After going if you want to join us again, you are always "Welcome" in our site.